Sofia Xavier

Graduated in Economics, Master in Accounting and Finance and Certified Accountant, she has more than 13 years of experience in the consulting sector. She is an entrepreneur and founding partner of PrimeRise Consulting.


In 2009 I finished my economics degree at the Faculty of Economics in Porto and immediately started working in a consultancy where I was responsible for preparing applications for financial incentive systems.A year later, my ambition, willingness to learn and evolve led me to work in one of the largest multinational consulting companies (big-four), where I was part of the founding team of the financial incentives department and had the opportunity to work for some of the largest national and international economic groups! It was years of intense learning and contact with different businesses and clients that allowed me to “widen my horizons”.After 6 years, I decided to embrace a new professional challenge, where I gained experience in preparing applications for tax benefits (SIFIDE) that allowed the companies supported by me to save quite significantly in the amount of IRC to be paid!Along this path, the desire to create something “my”, to conquer my financial and time freedom and to provide my clients with a closer, personalized service that is completely tailored to their needs (which does not always occur in consultants larger) led me to create my personal project – PrimeRise Consulting, of which I am Founder and CEO.

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