Raúl Fangueiro

Fibrenamics Coordinator of Fibrenamics, Professor and Senior Researcher at Escola de Engenharia – Universidade do Minho


Raul Fangueiro is currently professor and senior researcher in the School of Engineering at the University of Minho, Portugal. He is the Head of the Fibrous Materials Research Group of the same university with expertise in advanced materials (nano, smart, composites) and structures (3D, auxetic, multiscale) with 45 researchers. He is the mentor and the coordinator of the FIBRENAMICS International Platform (www.fibrenamics.com) including 350 partners developing promotion, dissemination, technology transfer and research activities on fiber-based advanced materials. He has more than 160 published papers in international reputed scientific journals, 450 conference publications, 36 books and 40 patents.


He is the scientific coordinator of more than 70 national and international research projects on advanced fibrous and composite materials, mainly for building, defense, architectural and health-care applications. He supervised various PhD and Pos-Doc scientific works and is the chair of AUXDEFENSE – World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defense and ICNF – International Conference on Natural Fibers.


Raul Fangueiro is the founder of the WANFR – World Association of Natural Fibers Research, member of the editorial board of several leading international scientific journals on composite and fibrous materials, and member of several working groups of the European Defense Agency and NATO.

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