The Council of Ministers approved the Program of 60 fiscal and economic measures.

The Council of Ministers at its meeting on July 4 approved and presented the Accelerate the Economy program – Growth, Competitiveness, Internationalization, Innovation and Sustainability, with 60 fiscal and economic measures designed to respond to 20 challenges to accelerate economic growth.

Scale, consolidation and capitalization

  • Gradually reduce IRC up to 15%;
  • Create the VAT group regime;
  • Review the goodwill tax deductibility regime;
  • Expand access to the participation exemption regime;
  • Tax deduction for capital gains and dividends obtained by individuals when capitalizing companies.


  • Launch the “State payable in 30 days” plan;
  • Extend the stamp duty exemption to centralized treasury management operations;
  • Increase the eligibility of the cash VAT regime;
  • Launch the Tourism 2024 Obligations to diversify financing sources.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and talent

  • Strengthen the “Doctorates in Companies” program;
  • Place researchers and teachers in social bodies or as shareholders in startups;
  • The new talent attraction regime (IFICI+);
  • Review the Tax Incentive System for Research and Business Development (SIFIDE II).


  • Contribute to the definition of a reference for verifying ESG reports (in Portuguese, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance);
  • Create the PME Leader ESG award; Include ESG criteria in access to incentives and public contracts;
  • Tourism + Sustainable Line;
  • Promote support for innovation in blue biotechnology;
  • Approve the National Plan for Marine Litter 2024-28.


  • Launch the Defense Economy program Accelerate the circular economy in Commerce and Services;
  • Launch the 2035 Tourism Strategy;
  • Complete the National Maritime Space Planning Plan;
  • Industry 2045, sustainable reindustrialization strategy;
  • Strengthen the internationalization of the Portugal brand.