Consulting and Project Management

Scientific research and development in the areas of physical, natural, social and human sciences, namely in the area of ​​biotechnology. Marketing, import and export of research and development results, namely devices, instruments and products. Professional qualification. Consulting and project management in the referred areas and in the scope of industrial property. Representation of companies and brands in the area of ​​biotechnology and similar sciences.








The company Pro2B offers a wide range of solutions and services that leverage the innovative potential of its customers through national and / or international public financing and internationalization through “networking”. We are specialists in public funding (for example, FP6, FP7 and Horizonte2020) and innovation, with strong technical and scientific knowledge, capable of providing consultancy services using different innovation models for new products, services and business models.

We believe that it is possible to improve the continuous and sustainable growth of our customers, using the “network” as an internationalization platform.