Pedro Vilas Boas

Entrepreneur; Co-founder and CEO of MUB cargo; With a degree in Civil Engineering, he holds an MBA from Porto Business School; with a lot of international experience as Project Director at Gabriel A. S. Couto SA


Pedro Vilas-Boas, 37 years old, is passionate with his daughter, family and work.

Currently he is the CEO of MUB cargo since late 2016, when he was one of the company’s co-founders. The path in entrepreneurship started after completing the MBA at Porto Business School in November 2016.


Before giving this new direction to his career, he worked as Project Director, Budget Director and Project Director at Gabriel AS Couto SA., Where he had the opportunity to work in several countries, such as Swaziland, Mozambique, Angola, Tunisia , Romania and Portugal. He has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Minho. He is characterized by being a hardworking, responsible person with a great capacity to create empathy in personal and professional terms.

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