Gustavo Dias

PhD in Polymer Science and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minho and the École Nationale des Mines, Paris; Professor of applied and computational mechanics at the University of Minho; President, CEO and co-founder of Stratosphere SA


Gustavo Dias serves as a chairman of Stratosphere Board and as its Chief Executive Officer, where, among other areas, he’s responsible for global strategy, M&A and external relations.


Gustavo Rodrigues Dias holds both a Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Structural Engineering degrees from Faculty of Engineering of Oporto University, and received a PhD in Polymer Science and Mechanical Engineering by a join project of University of Minho and Ecole Nationale des Mines, Paris.


Gustavo has experience in academic, industrial and engineering activities for over 20 years as a Professor at University of Minho and in R&D both in Portugal and internationally as a researcher in the field of Aerospace applications of structures, materials, and systems development. Several years running projects and organizations providing solutions for leading edge industries such aeronautics and space provided a strong experience in management of complex projects and teams, which has resulted in his founding Stratosphere to answer critical industry needs.

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